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The Story benefits churches in the arenas of personal Biblical literacy, family cohesiveness, church unity and community outreach. Watch this video series to see real people in real churches of every denomination and style across the country as they explain how The Story has impacted their lives.

To view the complete collection of promotional and testimonial videos for The Story, CLICK HERE.

Promo Video #1 – PERSONAL

The number of people engaging the Bible is declining rapidly. The biggest problem we have in most churches is Biblical illiteracy.

The Story is an abridged, chronological Bible that removes the typical barriers many people experience when trying to read the Bible. This book gives an appreciation of the whole Word of God.

There’s so much more weight in who Jesus is when you’re able to look back and see God’s fingerprint from the beginning of the Bible through to the end, and The Story gives that perspective.

Promo Series #1 PERSONAL
How The Story Engages People with the Bible

Promo Video #2 – FAMILY

When a church does The Story, Families experience cohesiveness.

The Parenting Challenge: How to talk about God. Parents hesitate to nurture faith in their children when they feel they lack knowledge of the scriptures. The Story is an aligned journey through the whole Bible chronologically, with parents and children figuratively and literally on the same page for 31 weeks.

“So, what did you learn in church today?” could be the most overused, under-answered question of church parents everywhere. But during The Story, kids are excited to answer the question when they know their parents learned the same thing!

The Story turns parents into disciplers. Parents are upping their game! So, lead your family on The Story journey. Get your family on the same page – it’s lockstep, it’s unified, it’s powerful!

Promo Series #2 FAMILY
How The Story Gets Families on the Same Page

Promo Video #3 – CHURCH

It’s a buzz! The Church is all abuzz!

That’s what people are saying about the feeling around their church during The Story. “Electric.” “Exciting.” “Enlivening.” “Energizing.” Those are some of the words people use to describe their aligned, all-ages Bible engagement experience.

Watch what The Story does in communities of believers who embark together on this chronological journey through the Bible.

Promo Series #3 CHURCH
How The Story Unifies Churches

Promo Video #4 – COMMUNITY

When a church does The Story, it reaches out to the Community.

Ministers and pastors ask all the time, “How can we grow?” The Story could be a part of an answer – it attracts people. Churches seem to increase in attendance during The Story.

The Story starts spiritual conversations. The book makes it easy to give God’s Word as a gift, invite people to church, and engage people in meaningful discussions. “Find your story in God’s story” is a compelling invitation. One church of 400 gave away 2000 copies of The Story!

Where there is spiritual deepening, there is growth. It’s not just about building our church – it’s about building the Kingdom.

Promo Series #4 COMMUNITY
How The Story Encourages Outreach