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Episode 9: People Are Reading Less, but Listening More: Randy Frazee AND Morgan Jackson

Randy introduces you to Morgan Jackson, Senior Vice President of Faith Comes by Hearing, a global initiative to distribute the Bible in auditory options in all the languages of the world. Hear Morgan speak of his experiences of massive transformation once the Bible was relayed orally and in their native tongue, rather than through print. Randy dives into how this simple shift from print to oral has reached and impacted a massive amount of people around the globe.

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We first began to be aware that the majority of the world, even when you got the Bible, couldn't read it. So we began to record it and that was when massive transformation happened.
—Morgan Jackson

Once Faith Comes By Hearing identified the barrier that having a Bible translated into a language only serves a small portion of the people that speak those languages, they took action.


Morgan Jackson

Morgan Jackson is passionate about God’s Word and getting it to people across the world in a way they understand. He serves as Senior Vice President of Faith Comes By Hearing, where he’s worked for decades with partners to record Audio Bibles in the languages of the world.   Morgan is the son of Faith Comes By Hearing founders Jerry and Anet Jackson, and he learned from an early age the importance of uniting the Body of Christ and overcoming obstacles to share the Word of God. He has traveled to more than 80 countries so far to make that happen. Morgan has built life-long relationships with many other people in ministry and supporters who share the same passion for the Great Commission.   Morgan loves to tell stories—real-life stories from the field that help us get a glimpse of how lives are changed after the lost discover that God speaks their language. When he’s at home, he’s blessed to spend time with his wife, Mary, their three children, and eight grandchildren. If Morgan has a fishing pole in his hand, showing one of the grandchildren how to fish, it is a great day!


Randy Frazee Sitting At a desk

Randy Frazee is the lead pastor at Westside Family Church in Kansas City. A frontrunner and innovator in spiritual formation and biblical community, Randy is the architect of The Story and Believe church engagement campaign. He is also the author of The Heart of the Story; Think, Act, Be Like Jesus; What Happens After You Die; The Connecting Church 2.0; and The Christian Life Profile Assessment. He and his wife, Rozanne, live in Kansas City, Kansas.