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Episode 5: Instilling a Love of the Bible in the Next Generation: Randy Frazee AND Dr. Phil Collins

In today’s episode, Randy introduces you to Phil Collins, Professor of Christian Ministries and the Director of the Taylor University Center for Scripture Engagement. Phil discusses how to approach the next generation and instill a love of the Bible and Scripture Engagement with them. An important aspect of this is the education and teaching of the adult community surrounding children and giving them the tools and confidence themselves to teach the younger generation about the Bible and help them understand and develop a passion and understanding of Scripture themselves.



Psalm 1 talks about delighting in the law of the Lord, in scripture. In some ways, maybe that's the place to start is to help people to find their delight in meeting Christ in scripture
—Phil Collins

Praying Scripture: pray with the words of Scripture instead of your own Engage Through Art: looking at works of art to help you see a passage in a new way Journal: writing out your thoughts and feelings on a passage to give you greater clarity Picture It: putting yourself into the stories of the Bible to experience them firsthand Contemplate: deeply reflecting and praying through a passage in God’s Word



Phil Collins is a Professor of Christian Ministries and the Director of the Taylor University Center for Scripture Engagement. He is the general editor of the Abide Bible project and participates in Taylor’s theology institute for high school students called Empower. Phil has a PhD in Educational Psychology (Purdue University) andan MA in Christian Education (Trinity Evangelical Divinity School).


Randy Frazee Sitting At a desk

Randy Frazee is the lead pastor at Westside Family Church in Kansas City. A frontrunner and innovator in spiritual formation and biblical community, Randy is the architect of The Story and Believe church engagement campaign. He is also the author of The Heart of the Story; Think, Act, Be Like Jesus; What Happens After You Die; The Connecting Church 2.0; and The Christian Life Profile Assessment. He and his wife, Rozanne, live in Kansas City, Kansas.