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The youth curriculum for middle school and high school is based on The Story: Teen Edition. Acclaimed curriculum developer Michael Novelli uses his chronological Bible storying method of experiential teaching to create the engaging teen curriculum for The Story. He teamed with his artist brother, Mark, to create the 62 captivating stop-motion videos that open every session. You’ve gotta see these!

The Story: Teen Edition Curriculum

pdf Teacher’s Lesson Plan SAMPLE
pdf Student Handout SAMPLE
pdf Story Reader’s Script SAMPLE

The Story Reader’s Scripts are passages of non-edited, non-paraphrased, pure scripture from The Story, divided into parts, and read aloud by students to the rest of the group. Simple, scripture-centric, compelling: these scripts are a great example of how The Story drives participants to engage directly with the pure Word of God.

Bonus Material: Teen Toolchest

If you have a youth group-style meeting in addition to a Sunday school or Bible study type of meeting, bonus material is provided that offers grabby meeting openers (movie clips, games, YouTube videos, songs, skits), two or more message outlines for youth pastors to deliver to middle school groups or high school groups, and additional discussion questions for small group meetings. 

pdf Teen Toolchest SAMPLE

The Story: Teen Edition Weekly Opening Videos

A vivid narration describes what artist Mark Novelli is drawing or painting as he depicts everything that is covered in each chapter in these captivating stop-motion 3-minute films. The quirky imagery of the odd-numbered weeks is alternated with the dramatic painting style of the even-numbered weeks.

Chapter 1 Creation – Teen Curriculum

Chapter 4 – Deliverance – Teen Curriculum