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Discover The Story Webinar (20 min.)

Discovering The Story is a video seminar that is designed to help you as a pastor or leader of your church decide if you should do The Story in your church. Discovering The Story provides an in-depth exploration of the book called The Story, it explains the scope of the church-wide experience based on the book, and through pastor interviews and church member testimonies you’ll hear compelling stories centered around four areas of benefit that churches of all denominations and sizes have been experiencing from doing The Story in all their age-related ministries over the course of 31 weeks.

Discover The Story Mini-Webinar (6 min.)

Don’t have time to watch the 20-minute version of Discovering The Story? Here’s a six-minute version mini-webinar, called The Story of The Story, that includes a sample of The Story Music CD.

Exploring The Story Webinar (23 min.)

Exploring The Story is a training seminar for church leaders who are getting started with their new church kit. Unpack your kit and explore all the resources as well as the Online Resource Library to help you as a senior pastor, an adult ministries leader, a youth leader, or a children’s leader take your area of ministry through the whole story of the Bible.  Get oriented to the different aspects of the whole-person experience: individuals engage in personal reading of their own age-specific book; groups discuss together in Sunday school or home groups through age-related curriculum options; and corporate worship and sermons are all aligned for a whole-family journey through this chronological abridged Bible.